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Post high school, Lora embarked on a diverse career, from a city letter mail carrier to roles in manufacturing plants in her hometown. A pivotal move to Greensboro, N.C., unfolded a new chapter as she embraced the identity of a Master Barber. For 17 years, Lora's barbershop became a sanctuary for candid conversations about the poignant issues of judicial inequality, shaping her perspective on the profound impact of the justice system on everyday lives.

Motivated by these heartfelt conversations, Lora courageously stepped out from behind the barber's chair as a single mother. She pursued higher education, earning an undergraduate degree in sociology from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Her journey continued to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law, where she obtained her Juris Doctorate. This transformation from a barber to a legal scholar was fueled by a burning desire to address the profound concerns of inequality entrenched in the justice system.

With her law license in hand, Lora became the Assistant District Attorney for Guilford County from 2006 to 2011. Her pursuit of justice went beyond incarceration, as she actively contributed to developing alternative programs for litigants—a testament to her compassionate approach to accountability. As an Assistant Attorney General, she delved into criminal appeals and workers' compensation cases, further honing her understanding of the complexities of the legal landscape.

In 2016, Lora's journey reached a milestone as she was elected as District Court Judge, followed by a triumphant 2018 campaign for Superior Court Judge for Judicial District 18A of the North Carolina 4th Superior Court Division. Judge Cubbage's tenure on the bench, marked by an oath of office on January 1, 2017, reflects eight years of unwavering service to the state.

Her judicial philosophy, rooted in administering justice with mercy, stems not only from legal expertise but from her own life's tapestry. Lora's candidacy for the NC Supreme Court is imbued with a profound understanding of the laws governing cases, especially in civil rights and voting rights. Her unique experience presiding over cases in both District and Superior Courts positions her as a judge who comprehensively understands the impact and precedent of every decision.

Yet, beyond the courtrooms and legal chambers, Lora Cubbage is a pillar in the community. Actively engaged in various organizations, including the Greensboro Bar Association, NC Bar Association, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and The Links, Incorporated, she is not just a candidate but a community advocate. Serving on boards like the Board of Visitors for NC A & T State University, Piedmont Capital Funding, and Family Services of the Piedmont, Lora's commitment extends far beyond the confines of her judicial role.

As the March 5, 2024 primary election approaches, Judge Cubbage's campaign for the NC Supreme Court is not merely about legal expertise—it's a passionate call for change. A change that bridges the gap of mistrust between the judiciary and the public, addresses concerns of racial equity, and advocates for much-needed criminal justice reform.

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